MAY 14, 2024

Payroll Vault Havertown is excited to share that our owner, Cathy Carroll, recently appeared on PIX11 News in New York City to discuss the emerging trend of earned wage access (EWA).

On May 7th, Cathy joined the PIX11 News team during their 4 PM broadcast to provide insights into EWA, a financial service that allows employees to access their earned but unpaid wages before their scheduled payday. Check it out here!

As an experienced payroll professional, Cathy shed light on the growing popularity of EWA solutions, highlighting the benefits they offer to both employees and employers. She discussed how EWA can help employees better manage their finances and avoid costly payday loans or overdraft fees.

Cathy also addressed potential concerns and considerations for businesses interested in offering EWA as part of their employee benefits package.


Her expertise and thoughtful perspective contributed to an informative segment, raising awareness about this innovative payroll feature.

At Payroll Vault Havertown, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve and providing our clients with the latest payroll solutions to support their businesses and employees.


We invite you to watch Cathy's insightful interview on the PIX11 News website or check our social media channels for updates.