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Payroll Vault has worked to design a variety of resources and opportunities for today’s accounting firms. Firms are becoming more strategic with their suite of professional services with a greater focus on Tax Preparation & Planning, Accounting Services, and Technology Management.

Our goal is to help you stay focused on future growth opportunities for your accounting firm with the Payroll Vault support options: Referral Partner Program or Exit & Transition. Check out each possibility below and start a conversation with us today! 

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Referral Partner 

Payroll Vault is the Premier Payroll and Workforce Management Company for Accounting Professionals and their Clients. 

Business owners need answers to complicated payroll related questions that are evolving daily. They also require continued support to over 4,500 tax and compliance-related payroll tax deductions and payroll compliance rules that exist today. They need someone to answer the phone when they call, and they need someone qualified to address Federal, State, and Local tax requirements.

Payroll Vault clients have a dedicated Payroll Specialist that provides them personalized one-to-one service, support, and guidance. Our Clients and their Accounting Professionals have a DIRECT LINE to their Payroll Specialist, avoiding the hassle of a phone tree, an unfamiliar voice, or the risk of no response.

Exit & Transition Opportunity

With the dramatic market changes, you may be considering leaving payroll altogether. It’s the perfect time to discuss your contingency plan and customized Payroll Vault transition plan for your payroll clients.


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